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Pet Peeves – Day 4 – And Insanity!

That’s right, it is actually day four of these insane edits. I made it through to the end of my last round of developmental and line edits… only to move on to a list of words and phrases that I over use and ones that I use incorrectly.

Running through this list of words and phrases will complete my work on Exile, my debut novel. From here it goes off to my editor for one last proof reading.

While Exile will be done, I’m afraid to say it won’t be released until the fall. I’ll have my cover and formatting done, get author proofs, but then things will wait for a bit as I plan to rapid release the first three books in this arc of White Moon Paranormal Mysteries.

This does change a few things for me moving forward.

What are those changes?

You’ll be hearing about them soon! I promise! Let me get through these crazy edits and I’ll tell you about all of the coming changes in our lives.

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