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Why write a book?

I think this question came up more than a dozen times over the last year. At first the question was, why write? Why waste the time? Why focus on writing? Why not try harder to find another job?

It is one of those questions. One that leaves my brain spinning. Why write a book?

I have so many stories to tell! That is the answer.

Another reason to write

Can you imagine? You’ve lived the life of your protagonist in another world filled with magic and monsters or adventures in outer space?

If my main character’s life was really my own in a parallel universe, well efff.. that would be insane! Being a detective hunting serial killers and werewolves? OH MY! I’m not even sure if I could fathom what something like that would be like in real life.

Why write a book?

For fun? To declutter your brain? To express yourself? To pretend to be someone else? To be an actor without having to be in front of the camera?

There are so many reasons to write. It is hard to even just pick one.

Why would you write a book? Why would you share your imagination?

The answer? Why not.

I’ve committed to this process and seeing what comes of it. Where does that leave this sparkly unicorn of a person?

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