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Briardark by S.A. Harian

A Paranormal Thriller that falls in the realm of dark fantasy, horror, thriller, supernatural, mystery and suspense.

The Kindle and Coffee Review can be found here.

You can also find SA Harian on Instagram and on their website:

Chew by Naomi Ault

A Paranormal Dystopian Horror story that includes zombies, this supernatural story is amazing few new adults and those of us that never grew up.

The Kindle and Coffee Review, featuring Zombie Phreak – David Cherbini, can be found here.

You can find Naomi on Instagram @naomiaultauthor Twitter: @naomi_ault GoodReads: Naome_Ault TikTok: @breadandcircus3s and their website:

Courting Fae Thieves and Crowns by Joanna Reeder

A Fantasy/Romance with themes including forbidden romance, a strong heroine and my favorite relationship trope, enemies to lovers.

The Kindle and Coffee Review can be found here.

You can also find Joanna on Instagram @joanna_reeder in addition to @courtingfaethievesandcrowns which is dedicated to this vella.

Joanna is a Co-host of @readingqueenspod and the Reading Queens Podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Anchor Podcasts.

She can also be found on Good Reads and her own website with Patreon supporting the vella.

Daisy Chains by Blue Coutell

A novelette exploring love, loss, and the struggle of a young woman with sexuality. LGBTQ, suicide, romance.

Blue can be reached on Instagram and Twitter. her website and can be found on her YouTube Channel, The Blue Coutell Show.

Blue can also be found on Good Reads.

She is currently taking a break from writing and her platform and we look forward to her return.

A review of Daisy Chains was written before Kindle & Coffee, it can be found here.

The Reckoning by Kayla Knue, Book Cover

The Reckoning by Kayla Knue

Kayla’s debut novel is MORE than The Hunger Games meets Beaty and the Beast with LGBTQ themes.

They can be found on Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, and Good Reads.

The author also has a serial posted on Tapas, Project Infinity which has been running for over a year and is scheduled for a Kindle & Coffee review later this year.

The author also has Patreon which can grant readers early access to Project Infinity and hosts regular write ins, the majority on Monday mornings on their YouTube channel.

My review of the Reckoning was completed before Kindle & Coffee and can be found here.

the ruin of the watcher by Collings MacCrae

A Thriller/Mystery, the ruin is tagged with murder, suspense, crime, detective, murder mystery and redemption.

The Kindle & Coffee review will be posted on September 20th, 2021.

Collings can be found on Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, and Good Reads.

the ruin of the watcher is followed up by The Sweater Case, currently live on Kindle Vella