It starts one word at a time

MilWordy was a challenge I’d read about and seen others participate in. It was like NaNoWriMo where you had a goal which almost feels insurmountable. Fifty thousand words in a month feels like a mountain you can’t climb and somehow many of us manage to make it. 

But what comes after those fifty thousand words? Are there more words that need to be told? Is the story more than that? Or do you need a challenge to help push you through the hard times that come with writers block.

This is where I got stuck. I always lost motivation after NaNoWriMo and even Camp NaNoWriMo. So many amazing stories got shuffled off into printed copies, floppy discs, storage drives and eventually the cloud. (Yep, I’m that old!)

I can’t tell you how many of those stories are sitting there. There are three of them in their entirety of their first completed drafts sitting in old legal folders.

Maybe they were waiting for this, for today. For MilWordy. 

At the start of NaNoWriMo 2020 I committed to write one million words in 365 days. Words like that don’t always come easy. Sometimes they’re easier than others. 

There were spreadsheets created to track writing sprints with those already streaming and to keep track of my words.

And then I found something amazing.

The MilWordy Discord Server has been a game changer both for my professional writing and my on the side fun jobs. Join me and countless others sharing this insane journey with the goal of one million words on the horizon.

Like the progress and sprint trackers below? Click on the images below to download an Excel version of this resource. It can be opened in Google Spreedsheets, Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel.

Word progress

For the above add where you started and where you stopped to find out how many words you wrote across multiple files. Once you add your End Date and the Current Date the document will calculate your current pace and how many days it would take for you to complete your project at your current pace.

Sprint tracker progress

Add how many words you started with and ended with as well as how long you wrote for in order to keep track of sprint totals.

Is one million words in 365 days possible? I think so. I’m currently ahead as you saw up there and SherringForge, Writer and Gamer who broadcasts live sprints on Twitch is even working toward a double MilWordy. I think I’ll stick to my MilWordy this 365 day cycle of writing.

With the right support, we can accomplish anything.

Good luck, happy writing!